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Innovation is not the product of logical thought, even though the final product is tied to a logical structure.

-Albert Einstein


  • Nowadays there are only agents that represent foreign electrochemistry companies, and there is no equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of electrochemical machines. Therefore, we expect to enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industries in Taiwan with electrochemical technology.
  • Electrochemical technology is mainly applied for deburring and component forming. The major difference from general electric discharge machining is that electrochemistry is an electrolytic reaction working at low temperature due to the ions excited by electric energy. Thus the electrode is not consumed, and the removal rate and surface roughness are both better than using electrical discharge machining.
  • According shape characteristics, materials, and demand conditions of the products, the key factors affecting success are the three core technologies, including the clamp technology for electrodes, the control technology for power supply and the peripheral module development for the equipment. The technicians in our company all have experience in evaluating and verifying relevant requirements for customers. 

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